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Beetle Infestation! Volkswagen Club Bangladesh rallies out for early morning run



Volkswagen Beetle owners went out on an early Friday morning drive on 6th May 2022 for an early morning Eid Drive and Meet & Greet. 

Organised by Volkswagen Club Bangladesh, the cars started off sharp at 7am from Golf Club, Nikunja in Dhaka.

“There were 7 Beetles including mine present during the drive.” confirmed Mr. Sujan, one of the oldest members of Volkswagen Club Bangladesh and more popularly known as Sujan VW in the local automotive community.

It was more of an early morning short road trip rather than a car meet. The road chosen for the  drive was the capital’s newly constructed Purbachal Express Highway or 300 Feet road.

The Beetle owners lined up and rallied all the way to 300 Feet. On their way back, owners decided to stop at Nila Market for breakfast after which the Volkswagens were driven to a river side and parked. The lineup consisted of several generations of tastefully restored

Volkswagen Beetles of various colours with the oldest model being from the year 1965.

After the short break and chit chat, VW owners started to head back for their homes and the short road trip and meet & greet came to an end.This was the first meet up after the unveiling of the official logo of Volkswagen Club Bangladesh.“Much needed warm-up for next monsoon rally of Volkswagen club Bangladesh” Mr. Sujan mentioned this in a Facebook post in the official group of Volkswagen Club Bangladesh.‘A Club of Aircooled Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Bangladesh’, VW Fan Club Bangladesh is one of the oldest active car groups in Bangladesh. Established in 1992, Volkswagen Club Bangladesh currently consists of about 3700 members in its official Facebook group.

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