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Four techy ways to touch up your pre-Y2K car




USB car charger

It’s inconvenient to have to charge your phone, and it’s much more inconvenient to have to carry around a power bank in case of emergency.

There is, however, a solution if you have a pre-2000 automobile with a good old fashioned electrical cigarette lighter. Simply remove the old, potentially deadly lighter and replace it with a USB vehicle charger in the now-vacant 12-volt socket. You’ve not only eliminated a possible fire threat, but you’ve also given yourself the option of charging two devices at the same time.

These chargers are one of the greatest ‘plug-and-play’ improvements you can make to your automobile, with prices ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand taka. Simply said, do not go cheap when hunting for one, since the low quality of bargain-basement solutions may end up causing long-term damage to your electrical.

Dashcam rearview mirror camera

Dashcams are a terrific tool to have in your automobile, in addition to being a great source of Russian amusement.

These gadgets, which are mounted on the dashboard or on top of the windshield, capture everything that happens in front of the vehicle. You may film your whole car trip or have first-hand proof to defend yourself in the event of road rage.

Dedicated dashcams are costly and difficult to install in optimum locations, especially in older vehicles. Dashcam rearview mirror cameras, which attach directly onto the existing rearview mirrors, are a good solution. Higher-end models even have a built-in screen and a backup camera, allowing it to be used as both a parking help and a safety tool.

Price on these ranges from a few thousand to a high four figures, and we recommend you have the wiring done professionally just in case.

LED headlights

While the vintage yellow headlights are attractive, they are insufficient for nighttime lighting and do not survive as long as newer equivalents.

To put it another way, a 55-watt halogen bulb produces around a thousand lumens and lasts about a thousand hours. An equivalent HID, on the other hand, will produce an estimated 3.5 thousand lumens for two thousand hours, but an LED will provide a near-blinding 5,000 lumens for over 15 thousand hours.

The cost ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and while there are DIY possibilities, we recommend hiring a professional for this as well, especially to guarantee that your new lights do not blind oncoming vehicles due to improper alignment.

Smart infotainment system

It’s likely that your pre-1920 automobile already has an aftermarket sound system. And, although its Bluetooth/Aux port makes it ideal for streaming music from your phone, it does have some severe flaws.

You don’t have navigation, and you can’t change your music without taking your eyes off the road and glancing at your phone. An aftermarket system that supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay is a quick fix for all of these issues, bringing your car up to date while keeping your eyes on the road.

These systems, however, are not cheap, with quality ones starting at Tk20,000 and increasing up. However, the security and convenience provided by such a system make it well worth the investment; just make sure whomever installs it is knowledgeable in the field.

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