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Shanaka Maharamba, is from Srilanka. He is currently working as the Senior Service Engineer for Pacific Motors Ltd. He has been in Bangladesh for 10 years and has joined Pacific Motors Ltd in the year 2012. Before he has worked in UAE and Srilanka. His primary job is to look after the vehicles that come into the workshop, focus on diagnosis of the problem and repair them.
  1. Your journey of how you have reached to this point

So after completing my basic education in Srilanka, I gained a Diploma in Automobile Engineering and then joined General Motors in Srilanka as a Technician. I worked there for 1.5 years and then got an opportunity to go abroad. I then moved to the UAE and worked there for Land Rover for 6 years. I started as a Technician and ended my career their as a Team Leader in Land Rover, UAE.

After that I moved back to Srilanka and worked as Senior Executive in Land Rover, Srilanka for 2 years. Following that I moved to Bangladesh and have been working for Pacific Motors since 2012.

  1. Now a day whenever we are on the road it is seen that cars are breaking down and not functioning properly. What do you think that the reason might be of cars no functioning to its fullest?

Cars breaking down is a part of life. It is not possible to have zero breakdowns, we can minimize them only. And to minimize breakdowns, car owners need to have routine maintenance work done and that too on time. Many car owners wait for a major problem to show up and leave it until it’s too late, to go for a service.

The major reason for breakdowns in Bangladesh is due to lack of proper, on-time maintenance and not using genuine parts.The condition of the road in Bangladesh and the quality of fuel in Bangladesh are also major factors that lead to breakdowns.

  1. While working in this field can you share some of your experience of yours and a very challenging moment that you have faced?

While working for Land Rover, UAE, I had to sit for a Technical Level X and Practical Test. The test was quite difficult, shown by the fact that the 6 people to sit for the exam before me all failed the exam. Furthermore, I was only informed about the exam a week before sitting for it, so I only had 7 days to study for an exam that 6 other people failed to pass before me.

So I studied hard for 7 days and somehow managed to pass.

  1. We all know that people tend to convert their cars into gas because they think that they are saving money. Can you enlighten them if they are doing the right thing?

Yes, conversion to gas is beneficial to car owners in terms of saving money but that is in the short term. In the long run, car owner’s end up spending more on repairs because running a car that was designed to run on Petrol/Gasoline on gas is harmful to the engine.

Fuel has a partial lubrication that help everything in the engine run smoothly, that is not available when the car is run on gas. The engine becomes dry and this leads to problems in the long run.

Most conversions are done by local technicians with no proper safety precautions taken and as you know there have been major accidents in relation to gas explosion in the past. Finally, the gas fumes let out by the exhaust is more harmful for the environment than fuel.

So, personally I do not recommend converting your car to run on gas.

  1. What do you think the future of Bangladesh’s automobile industry looks like?

I hope the problems faced by the car owners will go down in the future, with more and more people buying hybrid cars, the experience of car owners are improving. I hope the quality of the fuel, which is one of the main reasons car owners face problems in Bangladesh, improves. And as always I hope that the government works towards improving the traffic condition and infrastructure in the country.

  1. What is your suggestion to all the car lovers and enthusiast of Bangladesh?

My suggestion to all car lovers would be to have routine maintenance work done on time. Take care of your car and your car will take care of you!

Always visit the dealer, they have all the technical information about your car and serve you with skilled technicians. They are the only ones who can give you the best service possible.

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