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Imtiaz Nawsher, Head of Marketing, MG Bangladesh, talks about how MG Bangladesh is helping to change the SUV market, challenges faced in corporate life, and the exciting possibilities of automobiles made in Bangladesh hitting the global market.

Tell us about yourself

I am a passionate student of marketing communications. My career spans over 12 years mostly in advertising. I have done my advanced diploma from LSC, Malaysia and bachelor’s from Limkokwing University in the United Kingdom.  After coming back to Bangladesh, I started my professional life in different corporate companies. Apart from work, I am also passionate to learn about different cultures and spiritual practices. I am an avid musician and the father to an amazing 6 year old daughter.

Tell us about MG Bangladesh

MG Bangladesh is a real life case that has changed the perspective of premium motoring in Bangladesh. We as a company have seen unprecedented growth in terms of the demand for MG vehicles. We value our customers and believe premium motoring should be available to everyone and based on that belief we provide the best in class vehicles with premium features at a very affordable rate.

Why people should move to MG cars instead of old cars?

Because this is the future! I think MG has helped shift the SUV landscape here in Bangladesh. Not long ago, owning an SUV seemed like a dream to many, but now with MG we have made that dream into a reality. MG currently is offering crossover and mid-sized SUVs along with EVs. On top of that, all MG cars are brand new and come with warranties. Hence, it’s always wiser to own a hassle free brand new vehicle with better features than a reconditioned one. Moreover, MG vehicles are priced at a very competitive rate. Our showroom is located at 215, Tejgaon I/A where our retail team is available to clarify customer queries and conduct test drives.

What is the secret behind your success at an early age?

I think what really helped me is my inquisitive nature. From early childhood, I have focused more on the “the whys” rather than “the whats”. I have an immense hunger to do things differently and stand out from the crowd with my work. Also,I chose a field of work that I am passionate about.  Hence I am able put my work ahead of everything else, because I really enjoy what I do.

What are the skills you like to suggest for the young generation?

 I believe every person is talented but at times we do not realize it. It is important to understand what we are good at and what we enjoy doing. With that figured out,   everything else falls into place. Along with it, we must stay updated with the changes in our area of work, focusing more on the digital know-how required in today’s workplace.

What are the challenges and barriers that you have faced over the period?

I have been blessed with fantastic co-workers over the years, therefore there are not many challenges that I can talk about. I have always had great mentors to guide me and cooperative colleagues to support me. However, having worked in the high paced corporate arena I have faced challenges in managing a healthy work life balance. I think it is very important to maintain a proper work life balance. A healthy employee always performs better.

What are your hopes in the automobile sector in the coming days?

I have hopes that the automotive industry in Bangladesh will in the future be a major contributor to the nation’s economy. Today the industry is mostly import based, but with the demand for vehicles and equipment on the rise, manufacturing efforts are being initiated. There will be a time very soon when this industry will be catering to global markets, Made in Bangladesh vehicles will be proudly driven across the globe.



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