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Music, Fashion, Mercedes AWGE x Mercedes Benz


A$AP Rocky and AWGE in general have had big presence in music and fashion with the most notable songs such as “Praise the Lord” and “Feel So Good” just to name a few and of course, their own clothing brand VLONE owned by A$AP Bari which has had plenty success.

Mercedes and A$AP Rocky have had collaborated before in an advertisement, this time around, the collaboration contains merch in the form of various merch such as hoodies, shirts and hats. The collaboration was made possible through Pacsun, a local American clothing company, where A$AP Rocky is their guest artistic director.

A$AP Rocky could also be seen wearing a tan bomber jacket with a big Mercedes Benz logo and sly AWGE branding which is yet to be made available.

Mercedes Benz alongside AWGE has also told the collab could also contain a special edition of a car, perhaps a livery to compliment the group to show their contribution to an already large presence of their brand in hip-hop music in general.



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