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We are a partner to Society


M. Mukul Hossain the  CEO  of  MJL  Bangladesh Limited ( Authorized Mobil Lubricants Distributor in Bangladesh) has been working for the organization for over 23 years, from the foundation of them in Bangladesh. He has done both engineering and MBA and later started of his career 41 years ago and has an experience of 17 years in various leadership roles and began his journey in the company at 1998 and has been appointed as the role of CEO for the past 7 years.


Why is Mobil a good choice for Bangladesh?
Mobil is highly regarded brand in the global lubricants’ industry. Under the core plan of the technology transfer, the company injected a sizable investment to install a “State-of-The-Art” lube oil blending plant for sustainable business operation in Bangladesh. Moreover, in the company infrastructure development area, like; warehouses, operational & technical support centers, logistics etc. to ensure full range of Mobil branded lubricants availability without supply shortage and to provide world class after sales services. The company’s approach is to arrange the full range of machinery makers’ recommended quality lubricants for Automotive, Industry, Marine & aviation segments with unsurpassed technical supports, training & benefit selling. As a result, the client of all segments can be ensured to receive highest performed quality lubricants to achieve best desired performance from their equipment & automobiles. We can say that the company is contributing into the foreign currency saving of the country by ensuring that the vehicle engines & equipment are in good working order.

How about Lubricants gearing up to safe wear and tear of the engine?
With the time, machinery, equipment, automobiles vehicles & industry equipment are upgrading & developing with performance improvement. So, to keep up the pace with the development, lube oil must also develop, and this development can only be accomplished by a global leading company have modern Research & Development (R&D) facilities & competent human resources. ExxonMobil has a highly sophisticated & most modern research and development facility in the globe and make substantial investment to improve lubricants’ quality with same pace. Since the machine performance progresses, lubricating oil qualities meet the required criteria of the vehicle & machinery and provide highest control on wear & tear of their running components. The quality lubricant recommendations by vehicle & equipment manufacturers, after extensive field tests, only certifies & assures from the unusual wear & tear of the components.

What are the dangers of improper lubrication?
If an inappropriate or counterfeit lubricating oil is used that does not meet the engine or equipment demand & requirements, it will obviously have adverse effect on them and eventually end up with complete equipment failure. On the other hand, any unsuitable lubricating oils, such as gasoline engine oil used in a diesel engine, will not meet the requirements of the equipment, regardless of the quality of the product. Therefore, any wrong choosing & decision of using inappropriate/counterfeit oil will slowly deteriorate the desired performance of the engine or equipment.

What do you think the future of Lubricant interest will look like? Especially in Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is a developing country and one of the Tiger nations, with an annual GDP growth rate of around 7%. Even in a Covid pandemic situation, Bangladesh has progressed far better compared to most of the nations. With such GDP growth potential with multifold infrastructure & development phases the lubricant oil demands will exponentially increase and with the increase of People’s operating income will allowing them to purchase new automobiles. Obviously, people’s choices will expand, as will the industrial sections. There will be a lot more industry coming, and lubricating oil growth will rise to 3 to 3.5 percent year on year basis.

In terms of the car and bike market and even commercial vehicles, why you think that the industry hasn’t really been in the best of health. What are your projections and where do you see the industry going?
Bangladesh lubricants industry is not in good health due to adoption of appropriate policy and elimination low grade lubricants those are not proper lubricants for modern vehicles & equipment and being obsolete 5 decades earlier. For any country development phases, at first, people walk a long way, then ride a bicycle, then a motorbike, and finally uses vehicle. Likewise, Bangladesh is now on the phases to motorbike and slowly transiting towards vehicle. As a result, the motorcycle’s popularity has skyrocketed in Bangladesh with a great growth potential. We strongly believe this growth will continue at least for the next decade and moves gradually to vehicle phase. Since Bangladesh economy is growing at faster pace and due to large population, the projected motorbike & vehicle growth will be in higher pace. Similarly, more people would be travelling on business, festive gathering & recreational trip to local tourist destinations from district to district, so the number of commercial vehicles like buses & passenger vehicles will rise. With the country’s development & commercial buying power, the import-export goods movements around the country will also be up and it is obvious the demand of commercial trucks will be increased substantially. Likewise, with the infrastructure development works earthmoving equipment (off high) & heavy vehicles growth will also rise.

So what is Mobil’s market like in Bangladesh right now?
Mobil brand is the market leader in the lubricant industry by far, in the competition. Since there hasn’t been any market research done recently on the market size & market share among the competitions to get the true positions. However, we may strongly believe that we will be maintaining the comprehensive leadership with the competition in the future.

What do you see as the biggest area of growth in the near?
As in the automated segment, obviously, the motorbike, since the motorcycle category growth is rising from year-on-year basis, and it is growing at the rate of 11 to 13%. As a result, the motorbike category will be increasing at faster pace than any other segments.

Your customers, what is it they see when they purchase Mobil brand oil?
We conducted a survey using both internal and third-party resources and the outcome was that when a consumer engages with us, they always perceive an impression of receiving a genuine lubricant from us. The statement “If you want to get an appropriate & genuine product, go for Mobil brand; if you want a recommended lubricant go for Mobil brand; and if you want to receive good service & lube solution, go for Mobil brand marketer” goes with us. MJL Bangladesh Limited earned that reputation by engaging well educated & relevant trained employees on sales & marketing functions. We are holding firm on the following mottos-
i) Be truthful to customers on product recommendation & information, user training & guidance etc.
ii) Make the company one point shop – careful assessing the user demand and make almost all the quality lubricants available in Bangladesh with availability & on time supply/delivery assurance.
iii) Secure the lubricants’ integrity from counterfeiting by introducing “Security Seal” on all automotive products Cans and introducing direct sell & deliver the Industrial lubricants to client end.
iv) Introducing sophisticated software, Apps etc. to identify the genuine lubricants marketed by us at customers premises.
v) Unsurpassed technical services- any services, any difficulty related with clients, our technical staff gets there right away and tries to solve or identify the root causes of the problem so that a good solicitation & clarification can be given to the customers.

As we know, you are also providing your premium range of oil in our country. So is there anything else in your supply chain that you will provide soon?
Whatever world is bringing in as a technological product, we are there. Why? Because Bangladesh is not a machine-producing country. All the machines or cars or vehicles have been imported and you can see all kinds of vehicles are on the road including the global famous brands. So, the requirements & recommendations, in fact, differ from vehicle to vehicle. So, we are trying to market quality lubricants including premium & synthetic lubricants to meet all kinds of requirements of the vehicle or machines in Bangladesh. In fact, we are ensuring to arrange around 98% of the lubricant demands of the market required by any vehicle or industrial segments.

To conclude, can you please tell us a bit more about the importance of oil analysis?
We may compare the used oil analysis of the equipment is like blood tests of the human body and the main objective of used oil analysis is to get the clear picture of the equipment health & components running conditions. As well as it identifies & indicates the root causes of the equipment associated problems. Oil analysis detects potential problems in the initial stage. It provides early indication/ warning to execute the-
1. Action against the unexpected wear & tear of the running components,
2. Proactively schedule maintenance activity,
3. Measures to protect costly equipment failure and unscheduled downtime,
4. Identification of determining the root causes of the abnormal equipment conditions,
5. Reduction of oil consumption by monitoring extended oil change intervals.

All these helps to increase the equipment life and reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Oil analysis can also be used effectively to determine the proper oil drain time and filter change intervals in all types of lubricant circulating systems.

We all know that we cannot really see how the oil works inside the equipment, but it performs all the way from lubrication to cleaning, sealing to cooling functions to keep the running components protected from any unusual wear & tear, corrosion, deposition, fatigue load etc.



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