Heat, Hilsa, & High Roller Mercs


It was bright and early amidst the scorching heat at Gulshan 2 dead end when the first of the members of the Mercedes-Benz Bangladesh Club started to assemble around 7:30 AM. And soon came two all original W123s and the future; one
lone black EQC.

By 8:15 AM, speed was on everyone’s mind as the club drive was in motion as members made their way through Kamal Ataturk Avenue and Tejgaon in a glorious convoy of classic and modern Benz, breaking every passer-by’s neck.

By 10 AM, everyone regrouped after the Mawa toll booth, before setting off on the final stretch before the Padma toll booth through a dirt road underneath the Padma bridge and by 11 AM, scorching heat greeted everyone at the destination which happened to be “Shokher Hari”, a restaurant by the Mawa ghat as everyone tucked into their deep fried iilish.
A blue G wagon accompanied a white S class for being fashionably late. The EQC surprisingly made it back to Dhaka with range anxiety in its rearview mirrors. An older model E class and its brake rotors, not so much after the chauffeur attempted to baptise the hot brake rotors with litres of water.