Tuesday, November 28, 2023


In a country filled with cricket and football maniacs, the sport of car racing is a bit obscure. But Avik Anwar has made it a habit of his to highlight Bangladesh in this realm. Avik Anwar made history again becoming the first Bangladeshi to win the title in the Malaysian Championship Series.  In the competition, Avik had to overtake 36 competitors from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India to achieve his goal. Driving a bright blue and red honda civic, with the number 44, Avik’s race had its ups and downs. During one of the practice laps before race one, his car encountered a serious mechanical failure. While driving at a speed of 155 km/h his brakes gave up and the car incurred some damages. Hence he didn’t get a proper chance to get accustomed to the car. 

‘Before race one while i was doing practice laps the car crashed. A racer has to drive his car for at least a 100 laps to get accustomed to his car. So I did not get a proper chance to do that. In race one, after fixing the car my teammate drove for half the race and I drove the other half. The results we got were not satisfactory due to a penalty and a tire puncture.’ said Avik Anwar.

In race two Avik took the responsibility completely and drove the whole race himself and in the end managed to break his own record in the Malaysian Championship Series getting the top podium. After winning, the Bangladeshi racer has dedicated such an achievement to the people of the country.‘I want the people of our country to raise Bangladesh to the highest level in all sports in the whole world. Racing, cricket, football, archery in any sport so that we do not lag behind. I am very grateful to you for praying for me and for supporting me all the time. On the Malaysian racing stage, I was the first Bangladeshi to get on the podium in 2019 and today I got on the podium again in first place.’

Back in 2019, He became the first Bangladeshi to race and be on the podium in round 4 race 2 of the championship. Competing for his fourth time in this championship,he finished at the highest grade of the tournament. Avik has been hoisting Bangladesh’s flag high in the global arena this year, some of his achievements include the NGK pro Championship in Dubai where he became the first-ever international motorsport championship winner from Bangladesh.

With a huge boost in confidence we’ll be able to see him drive again on the next round of the race, which will be held on 18-19 June.




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