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A meal for a the morning soul

Have you ever woken up in the morning and had a thought in your mind that you want to go to a place where they serve not like your typical food item like steak, sandwiches, pizza, etc but also serve breakfast items. You want to enjoy your morning with some wonderful breakfast in a very relaxing place even inside Dhaka city then why wait and visit Epicure Bistro.

Epicure Bistro has the best place to enjoy the most amazing and very stylishly presented food in Dhaka. They are located in Gulshan-2 right before German Club. Their location is very premium because not a lot of crowds are seen around that place and you can be able to enjoy a calm time here.

We always look for restaurants and cafes with the beautiful ambiance and Epicure Bistro has a very beautiful ambiance both indoor and outdoor. The indoor ambiance of the restaurant has a lot of aesthetic artwork on their wall which gives it a very extraordinary look unlike any other restaurant in Dhaka. Their sitting arrangements are very convenient and have enough space to give you peace and quietness from others and no one can eavesdrop on you. The outdoor is very natural and very green. You can sit here and enjoy a nice morning peaceful coffee and let the morning breeze flow through your hair.

The foods here are one of a kind. You can find that it has so many types of breakfast items that you haven’t even heard of or never thought are even possible to be made. The food here is always very fresh and very unique. It’s made from your almost everyday breakfast items but made in a way you will fall in love with the breakfast meal all over again and will never think of going to any other place to have your breakfast.



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