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An exclusive insight of the automotive scene from a Super Cop with a passion for mobility

Saddam Hussain is Bangladesh Police Sergeant who has become quite popular among young adults and petrolheads due to his unique way of dealing with traffic problems. Aside from working as a full time police sergeant, Saddam Hussain is also a passionate petrolhead who loves both bikes and cars. His passion has influenced him in taking unique approaches towards people who break traffic laws which turned him into a role model for many. For this feature of Turbine, we bring to you an exclusive interview of Mr. Saddam Hussein and learn more about his passion for mobility.


When did you first get into bikes and what bike are you currently using?


My grandfather used to own a RX100 which was the first bike which made me fall in love with bikes. Soon after that my father purchased a Hero Honda Don back when I got into grade 8 and these two bikes were responsible for dragging me into this vast world of bikes.


The bike I currently use is a government owned Suzuki Gixxer SF. However, in the past, I have owned several bikes of my own as well such as a TVS Apache RTR, Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha R15 V2 and also a Yamaha R15 V3.

Did you ever face any challenges riding motorbikes in Bangladesh as a police officer?


 To be completely honest, I’ve never faced any kind of problems while riding motorbikes being a police officer. The biker community of Bangladesh is very friendly and cooperative.


Also I always wear a helmet when I ride a bike and try to follow every traffic rule. In short, I try my best to keep no room for people to question me or criticise me in any way.


What are your views on people modifying their bikes and cars?


 Personally I believe that if the car or bike specifically have been modified for doing stunts in specific restricted areas then such bikes should be allowed to be used on those specific areas.


However, in general, the laws of Bangladesh allow us to file a case if we find any type of car or bike that has been modified are driven on public roads. These modifications mostly include upgrading the stock exhausts to more louder ones. Although, it’ll still be spared if such exhausts come factory fitted from the country of origin.


Being an automobile enthusiast myself, I never take sports car or sports bike owners in a negative way as I love seeing such vehicles on the road myself. However, aftermarket installation of louder exhaust on these cars is completely illegal as per Bangladeshi law unless it serves any specific purpose.


 As we can see, the young generation who are car enthusiasts are sometimes seen on the road at the middle of the night racing with one another. And who wouldn’t want to race after all they are modifying their car to go beyond the barrier. What is your suggestion to solve this issue?


 Since my service hours are mainly in areas like Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara, I have got to witness many horrible accidents caused due to the irresponsible driving of the young generation. Areas like these which have long, wide and smooth roads can surely be tempting for the car and bike owners to test their acceleration and speed. However, this is a really bad practice, especially if the test of acceleration turns into a street race.


We have been working relentlessly to put a halt on street racing and irresponsible driving. For example, if you visit Gulshan you’ll find checkposts on almost every avenue or the construction of new speed breakers on the avenues of Baridhara. We don’t despise sports cars or sports bikes but we only try to discourage rush driving on public roads as it’s very risky for the driver and even more for the pedestrians in a crowded country like Bangladesh.


As I’ve mentioned before, I have always supported bikers who are passionate towards doing stunts or even sports car owners as maneuvering such vehicles in the ways they do is no less than an art itself. However, we must also try to ensure road safety for everyone. Even our Inspector General of Bangladesh Police, Dr. Benazir Ahmed Sir always asked the police department to be more cooperative with the sports bike and sports car owners while also ensuring the safety of everyone.


I hope one day, the Bangladeshi automobile enthusiasts will have a race track of their own where everyone will be able to drive their cars and bikes the way they want to. A racetrack where bikers can do stunts without any restrictions and where sports car owners can do actual races without any restrictions from the police.

Traffic is a very big problem in our country. What are your thoughts and ideas on how we can solve this problem?


 As we all know, traffic is a huge problem in our country. In a research conducted a few years ago, we’ve seen that the average speed of our traffic is a mere 4-5km/h. We lose billions of dollars every year due to traffic. Most of our valuable time is being wasted on the roads due to traffic. Besides, it’s very stressful for our body too.


We must all try to cooperate and work on this issue together. Yes we don’t really have enough roads in Bangladesh but the government has been trying to find alternatives such as the Metro Rail project for example. However, the residents of the country must also try to ensure responsible driving too. Or else, traffic police and sergeants like us will never be able to solve this issue on their own without proper cooperation. Try to not be on the right lane and have proper knowledge of the road you’re driving on. Use proper safety gears such as a certified helmet when riding a bike. Most importantly, tryto avoid driving on the wrong side of the road.


What would be your message towards common people?


 My only message to the common people would be to stay fit and healthy! Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and even go to the gym if you have time. And most importantly, never get into drugs.


This is because, if the mind stays fresh and healthy then one will automatically be driving more responsibly and this will eventually reduce road accidents drastically.



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