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AUTOART 1/18 GT86 LHD: Astonishingly true to life

AutoArt is a brand which requires no introduction to scale model collectors who are into collecting scale diecast cars. For this feature of diecast, we bring to you the 1/18 Toyota GT86 LHD from AutoArt.


Despite the diecast manufacturer known more specifically for their outrageously well crafted 1/18 diecast models, AutoArt has also been known to produce some of the best detailed diecast models in 1/43 scale as well as 1/64 scale. Originally established in 1998, the diecast manufacturer became one of the most popular brands to collectors only within a span of a few years. Some of the most expensive resold 1/18 scale models in the current market of diecast are the discontinued AutoArt which can be sold for a few hundred to even thousands of dollars.

The Toyota GT86 is one of the most popular sports cars in the world and there was no chance AutoArt could miss out on making a scale model of the GT86. In fact, AutoArt has even several made variants of the 86 models which include both left hand drive and right hand models. Besides, AutoArt has even made market specific models of the GT86 such as, an Asian version with right hand drive, a North America specific Scion FRS and the European Version featured here today.


When it comes to details, there aren’t too many diecast manufacturers which can nearly come to the precision and accuracy of AutoArt. In fact, I’ve also witnessed some resin models to not be as perfect as the AutoArt one. From the headlights, to the width of the rim spokes to even the perimeters of the antenna in the roof, AutoArt has nailed the GT86 in every section one can think of. The proportions are on point and even the wheels can be rotated. I can assure that it really doesn’t take much effort to fool people into thinking it’s a real 1:1 GT86 when taken photos at right camera angles!


If one gets baffled just by the exterior, the person is sure to get shocked at how good the interior gets. Although the seats and dash are made of plastic, Auto Art has made sure to use different textured plastics for the different red and black trims just like in the original one. The floors and the trunk get accurately patterned mats and rubber seals on the doors. The model being a 6 speed manual, gets three pedals below the steering wheel. It’s so close to the real deal that even the seat belt buckles for every seat and the driver side window switches can be found. When opening the front hood, one needs to put in the hood prop rod to keep it open just like the real deal. Revealing the engine bay as the hood opens, the famous 2.0 liter boxer engine could be found covered in wiring made of hard plastic. Everything from the battery, fluid tanks, air filter and even the fuse box has been accurately crafted out while ensuring the right texture just like the interior.

The 86 featured here is painted in a shade of dark blue which AutoArt calls as silica blue. This is undoubtedly my favourite colour of the GT86 other than the orange one offered for the Asian model. However, like every other AutoArt model, the GT86 didn’t manage to escape from getting paint rashes all throughout the car right only after getting it out of the box a couple of times. The most common spots for the rashes include the plain areas like the hood and the roof. Although there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube on how to remove rashes from AutoArt models, I just didn’t want to test them out on my $150 AutoArt model.


The 1/18 Toyota GT86 from AutoArt can be a great addition to the collection for any collector and even a great place to start with if anyone is planning to get into the world of buying premium diecast models. The metal constructed utoArt 86 has enough details to make even the best resin models a run for their money. And here’s the best part- it has openable parts!



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