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Blazing through the country with a baby R1M

In a country like Bangladesh, where there’s a ban on bikes with higher displacements, bikes like the R15 are as close as bikers can get to experiencing the raw power of actual superbikes.


Mushfiqur Rahman Emon is a passionate petrolhead from Moulvibazar Sylhet, who has been into cars and bikes since childhood. Initially learning to ride a bike on his own in 2010 with a Bajaj Pulsar 150, Emon has owned several bikes in the past. The most recent one he currently owns is a brand new 2021 R15M Monster Edition.


Unlike many premium bike owners who love to keep their bikes as garage queens or commute around their own area, Emon has always wanted to pump the most he possibly can out of the bikes he has owned. Saying that, a mere few months with the bike and Mushfiqur Rahman Emon has already rode over 10,000km with his new bike in a span of a few months. Fun fact, this unit of R15M is possibly the first one to cross the 10,000km mark in Bangladesh.

“My first ever bike which I personally owned was a R15 V3 Monster Edition,” said Emon in an interview with Team Turbine, “My brother used to own a R15 V2 in the past and I became a fan of R15 since then.”


Mushfiqur Rahman Emon, being a fan of motorsport and team Yamaha’s iconic Monster livery, has already owned and travelled all throughout the country with his R15 V3 monster edition. However, when Yamaha released the much bolder R15M V4 with the Monster livery, Emon knew upgrading to it was a must for him given the new R15M Monster looks more like his dream bike, the R1M, than ever before.


On paper, the R15 V3 and the V4 come equipped with several identical parts all throughout and that even includes the engine as well. However, according to Emon, the riding feel is completely different.


“Yes, the engine might be the same and it might also have a quite similar power output. However, it feels completely different.” Emon confirmed, “The R15M V4 has features like quick shifter, traction control. Besides, the newly improved seating ergonomics, the USD suspension, everything makes it a whole lot more engaging experience which one will only be able to tell after getting a first hand experience riding both the bikes.”

Tell us about some of your road trips with the bike


 “My first ever road trip was when I first purchased the bike from Dhaka and rode it back to Sylhet. A week later, my R15 V4 became the first unit to ride through the longest stretch of the country from Teknaf to Tetulia. I’ve also been to Sajek, Netrokona, Mymensingh, Sunamganj, Shadapathor as well as my regular Dhaka – Sylhet road trips with the R15 V4.”

Since your 10,000km journey, what modifications have you done to your bike till now?


 “Since I purchased the bike, I’ve installed a racing coil, racing cable, upgraded to BMCair filter for better airflow, and iridium spark plugs in terms of performance mods. For handling, I’ve changed the stock tires to Timsun . Besides, when it comes to visuals, I’ve upgraded the wind shade, installed a belly pan, visor and many more.


However, this isn’t what I’ll limit my V4 to. In the near future, I have plans to upgrade the bike’s stock exhaust to an aftermarket one right after it crosses the 20,000km mark.”



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