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Chef’s Table the one of the popular food court in BD

If  you’re seeking for a wide range of cuisines, whether Chinese, English, or Continental, Chef’s Table in Dhaka is a fantastic alternative because it puts different cuisines together under one roof.
The premium food court features 24 kiosks with some of the country’s most well-known cuisine brands, as well as some international names, to entertain Dhaka’s foodies.
Chef’s Table is the newest effort of Unimart, a United Group subsidiary that is now serving 22 types of cuisine to satisfy people’s appetites, including Italian, Arabic, English, Japanese, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Thai, and Continental cuisines.
Chef’s Table is a 27,000 square foot food court with 24 food stalls that will provide you with a family-friendly setting with not just popular food items, but also great cuisine, as well as a nice décor and seating arrangement.

Emerald Bakery and Cafe, Club Gelato, Madchef X, Taste of Lanka, Hakka Dhaka, So Juicy, Thai Emerald, Lean Nation, Bhoj Company, and Crack Snack are just a few of the prominent brands. The venue can accommodate 700 people at a time and serves an average of 4,000 people per day.
Chef’s Table is distinctive in that it is the final destination for specialty meals from a variety of cuisines. Although brands sell nearly identical food products across all booths in other food courts, the Chef’s Table does not allow food item repetition across all stalls.
For example, if you’re searching for a burger, go to Madchef X, whereas Pizza Guy is the only stall serving pizza.
One of the most intriguing features is that the court allows you to select as many ingredients for a nutritious salad as you desire. All you have to do is take the ingredients you want from the booth and pay for them depending on weight at the end. The price of Salad per gram is Tk0.83.

Lean Nation is there for health-conscious folks who want a balanced meal with the right quantity of calories.
Three food carts from well-known companies are on hand to provide you desserts such as ice cream, pastries, and exclusive dessert menus.

Although prices vary depending on the goods, lunch might cost up to Tk500 per person on average.

For parents with children, there is a play zone called ‘Play Town,’ where youngsters can enjoy various rides by paying the appropriate fees.

Every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Naveed’s Comedy Club hosts shows to entertain the chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers, chevaliers

It also has a female prayer room, a nursing room, and a breastfeeding area.

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