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Dash cams on a budget

You are on a peaceful drive, chilling and unfortunately someone on the road comes and rams into you, and claims that it was your fault. You have no evidence; but that situation could be saved by a dash cam. Thus, here are some cheap, locally available dash cams (roughly under 3500 taka), which will not break the bank and overall give a good image quality playback when needed.

Xiaomi 70mai 1S
The 70mai has been a popular option among the dash cams available in the market; the 1S however, is the new, updated model which features better recording with an 130° viewing angle, up to full HD(1920×1080) through its Sony sensor. The camera is fairly easy to install where it takes power from the outlet for the car charger, and the camera is controlled mainly by the 70mai app, where you can play, record and check for recorded data, which is stored in the SD Cardupto 64GB which can by inserted through the slot found on the camera.

Price: 3000-3500
Apeman Mini Series A C420
The Apeman Mini is a compact dash cam with a large 170° viewing angle and motion detection which automatically turns on recording when it detects any emergency. The camera also has a 2’’ TFT LCD screen which can also be used to view playbacks which is in full HD. Storage is by Micro SD, where the slot can be found in the camera.
Jeemak Mini Dashcam

The Jeemak mini is a very simple, to the point option with no extra gimmicks. It can record in full HD(1920×1080), has decent night time image quality and it is the cheapest option in the list. It has motion detection, and the video playbacks can be seen by the 2’’ TFT LCD screen which can be found on the camera.
Price: 2800-3200

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