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There used to be a time when Honda bikes were sold as Hero-Honda bikes in the Indian subcontinent. This was the time when Indian bike makers began their dominance in the local roads of Bangladesh. However, things were starting to go downhill for Hero when Hero and Honda split up and chose to go their own ways. The most popular Hero-Honda Hunk was kept by Hero  as their flagship bike. However, the Hunk was neither the most powerful bike in its class nor did it have the most features. Given the competition in the sports commuter segment, it was time for Hero to come up with a new two wheeler for the enthusiasts. Thus came the Thriller 160R, Hero’s newest flagship in Bangladesh.

Here’s Shadman Zawad’s insight to how it’s like owning and living with a Hero Thriller 160R from a brief interview with Team Turbine.

When did you get the bike and how long have you ridden since then?

I owned a Honda Hornet 160 before and was looking for alternatives to replace the bike ever since March. A few months into searching, the Hero Thriller 160R appealed to me the most. On a good April evening, I finally made up my mind and went to a Hero dealership to purchase the bike.

Owning the bike for the past 1 month, I haven’t ridden the bike much to be honest. The odometer reads at a little above 700km at the moment and the engine is yet to fully break-in

 Was this your first bike? If not then what bikes have you owned in the past? 

The Hero Thriller 160R is the third bike I have owned till date. My first bike I owned was a Yamaha RX100. My second bike was the Honda Hornet 160 which I’ve replaced with my current Hero Thriller.

What made you go for the Hero Thriller over all the other options available in the 155-165cc commuter bike segment?

When I was looking for a perfect replacement to my Hornet, I was planning to go for a bike with ABS. The Hero Thriller was the cheapest bike in the market to come with ABS. Besides, I was also looking for a bike with Fuel Injection. Given how feature packed the Thriller is, and the fact that it came with both FI and ABS at around the BDT 2lac tk price point, this is the bike which felt to me as the best value for money among all other bikes in this segment.

3 things you love about the Thriller 

The first thing which attracted me the most was its size. Despite it being a 163cc commuter bike, it was small enough to make me feel that I’m riding a truly naked sports bike, something like a Yamaha MT-15.

Second thing which I love about the Thriller is obviously its visual appearance. This has a road presence unlike any other bike in its segment which appealed to me the most.  Last but not the least, it’s fuel injected engine. As I’ve mentioned before, I was planning to get myself a bike with fuel injected BS6 (Bharat Standard 6) engine when looking for alternatives to replace the Hornet.

Something that you dislike about the thriller.

Despite the BS6 engine being one of my most favourite parts of the bike, there are times I end up disliking the bike for the very same feature as well. The quality of fuel found in Bangladesh is way beyond the standards of what is required for Fuel Injected engines. Hence,

I’ve been suggested by Hero to use octane boosters and I’ve been using Dyno Tab Octane Booster from the day I first purchased the bike.

Another disadvantage which I may mention is the integration of way too many technology oriented features on the bike which can get in the way of using the bike sometimes.



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