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HJC Helmets: Entry of a premium helmet maker into the local helmet market

On 7th January 2022, Vulcan Lifestyle officially launched HJC helmets in Bangladesh. Vulcan Lifestyle is a sister concern of Asian Motorbikes Bangladesh who have been the official distributor of Axxis  helmets in the past along with other bike accessories and apparels. Now, Vulcan Lifestyle will also be the sole official distributor of HJC helmets in Bangladesh.

The current motorbike helmet market in Bangladesh is mostly saturated with low end and midrange helmets mostly from brands originating from India, China, Italy and even South Asia. However, motorcyclists with adequate knowledge and ideas about helmets and those concerned with safety have already been introduced to HJC helmets

HJC is a brand which has been making helmets for all kinds of vehicles from bicycles, motorbikes and even cars. Originating in 1971, HJC has been the most successful in the production of helmets for motorbikes which is a field which the South Korean helmet manufacturer has already specialized after staying in the motorbike helmet industry for the past 48 years.  Remaining to be the #1 helmet manufacturer in North America ever since 1992, HJC helmets are the most popular among consumers mainly because of the features these helmets have provided for their price point. Besides, HJC is one of the only few helmet manufacturers to have “its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc”.

The grand launching event was hosted at Asian Imports Arena which is also the location of Vulcan Lifestyle’s official outlet. The event started out with the unveiling of the 48 different models of HJC helmets with multiple sizes and hundreds of different graphics brought to the country by Vulcan Lifestyle which are now officially available in Bangladesh after launch time. Price starts at Tk 8,500 for the entry level HJC CS-15 and goes up to Tk 45,000 for the country flagship HJC RPHA-11 Joker DC limited edition helmet.


The unveiling was followed by the special appearance of retired cricketer and former captain of Bangladesh’s national cricket team, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Prior to the launching event, Vulcan Lifestyle has taken preorders for HJC helmets which were delivered to the riders by cricketer Mashrafe Bin Mortaza himself at the time of the event along with his autograph on the helmets.

The later part of the event included a live stunt show by Road Riderz, RRz followed by a live DJ party during which Vulcan Lifestyle offered free snacks to every biker and guests present at the event.


This was one of the biggest launches of any motorcycle accessories the country has ever seen. Although it was surely a mandatory one in my opinion given the history and brand value HJC helmets contain at a global scale. There are barely any other helmet brands officially available in the country which can provide such premium quality, safety, ergonomics and safety as HJC helmets.

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