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Levin 101

My name is Rafsan Anis, and I’m 23 years old. I’m studying in Bangladesh University of Professionals, in my last year of graduation. I have been passionate about cars ever since I was a kid. Movies like “Fast and Furious” grew my interest in this field. The car that made me dive into the automotive scene was a Mark 2 GX110.


What Cars have you owned?


I have owned 3 cars thus far. My first car was a Honda Integra DA7 with an F20B Bluetop engine. Then, I bought a Honda Civic ES8 (DC5 Type R Swapped). And now I own a Toyota Levin AE101 GT Apex Superstrut, aka this car. Out of all the cars I’ve owned, the Levin is my favorite without a doubt.

Your favorite car


It is extremely hard to just name one car so I’ll name 2 cars just to make it easy for me. My dream cars would be a Nissan GT-R R34 V-Spec 2 and a Honda Integra DC2 Type R.

Tell us about your car.


The Levin is my first coupe. I have always wanted to own a 2 door car. But keeping the number of doors aside, the car feels amazing because it easily creates a connection with the driver. The handling is beautiful, the sound is very raw. Luckily, the car is in mint condition due to which there is no cabin noise and the car feels very tight. The car was restored by the previous owner whose hands I took this off of. To be very honest the car is what it is because of him – in pristine condition.


What does it feel like to drive your car?


Driving the car feels wonderful. It makes all the right sounds that a 4AGE should make. The car

has good handling. The Potenza RE003 tires tend to enhance the grip. The car has bars which help to keep it under control in the corners. All in all, it is a proper driver’s car.


Did Bangladeshi fuel ever cause your car to not function properly?


I haven’t faced a situation till date where I had problems with my car due to Bangladeshi fuel. I have owned 3 N/A cars. Hopefully the next car that I would want to own in future would be a turbocharged car, most probably a JZX 90/100. In fact, we’re planning a JZX conversion for the GX110 which my father owns.

What makes your car special?


The Levin is special mainly because of its interior. It comes with a leather interior which looks and feels amazing. The car is in immaculate condition which makes the car behave beautifully. It is a car that you can drive daily and also take out on late nights for some spirited driving. Some of the must do upgrades that everyone should do are getting good tires, good brakes and good bars.


What plans do you have for the car in the future?


I have not done any upgrades to the car yet as I’m still learning about it. Yet, I plan to upgrade my clutch, cams, fuel pump, gaskets, and also the bearings. I also plan to get a set of coilovers.



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