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MiniAuto Trueno AE86: A better casted model which won’t leave a hole in the pocket!

At first glance, the model looks like it’s perfectly sized to be kept around the more mainstream 1/32 models but it’s actually just large enough to look rather oddly sized. The shell is built entirely out of metal while the base is plastic along with the rims which are wrapped around in rubber tyres.


Part of the reason why a Miniauto AE86 can be spotted in every scale model collector’s showcase is because of how well the model is executed. With a near accurate proportion all throughout, the model is available in four different variants. The one featured here is the black hood variant similar to the one featured from Stage IV of the anime onwards. The other variants include one with white hood and two other red coloured variants with the hood differences. The model gets opening doors with ‘Fujiwara Tofu Shop’ decals on both doors (yes I know the real deal only got the decal on the driver’s door but I guess that’s forgivable) and even opening hood and trunk which aren’t too popular on scale models of this scale. Opening the hood displays the legendary 4A-GE inside and for the price I’ve paid for the model, I really can’t complain about the engine detail which is safe to say is acceptable for the scale too. The headlight can be popped up or down and both the transparent headlights and red tinted tail lights light up!

The interior gets applaudable details too. It’s got a boxy shaped dashboard similar to that of the real deal. Instead of a single bucket seat like the one from the anime, Miniauto offers both front seats as bucket seats. Even a trunk cover is present that can be lifted up manually. The only complaint is the use of black plastic since the AE86 from Initial D has a maroon interior.

One of the more striking yet controversial features of the Miniauto AE86 is its toy-like pullback mechanism. Kids and even collectors who love to play around with their diecasts love this feature. However some collectors of high end premium models merely consider this as a diecast but more like a toy.


In reality, the Miniauto Trueno AE86 is actually offered as a toy. However, it has far better details offered by the Chinese brand than most other models and this AE86 is undoubtedly one of the better offerings for its price of around Tk800 to Tk1500.



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