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Navana launches RAIZE, VELOZ and AVANZA

Dhaka, Bangladesh- 4th June 2022- Navana Limited made the official debut of 3 new Toyota models on the same platform. The three new stunners were Toyota Raize, 3rd generation Toyota Avanza, and Toyota Veloz. The vehicles were officially unveiled in a press launch which was held in the Toyota premise in Tejgaon, Dhaka. The three marvels were on physical display, allowing the audience to have a pleasant view of the cars, while they unveil.

Raize- The Game Changer- 

Starting with Raize- a Compact SUV, which features a 1L Turbo, combined with a New Direct Drive CVT transmission-D-CVT in short. This combination achieves the torque and driving joy of a car with a 1.5 –liter engine and the smooth and responsive acceleration with the added benefit of excellent fuel efficiency of a 1.0 liter. The Raize has a bold and vibrant exterior, sporty yet sophisticated appearance. The front grille exudes strength and compact SUV has been priced at BDT 34 lac. If you are pursuing an active lifestyle and need a car that provides utility and fun for work and leisure- then Toyota Raize is the perfect compact, dynamic, active SUV to energize your everyday life. Navana Limited will soon add up the 1.2L Raize to its line-up as well.

   Avanza- The fuel for excitement- 

Moving on, we had the 3rd generation Avanza in line. Since its introduction in 2006 Avanza has become a very popular model for Bangladeshi car         owners.  Avanza is a 1.5L MPV (Multi-Purpose vehicle), which is an affordable 7-seater, with high ground clearance of 180mm, and with room to spare for other items and luggage. Now on it 3rd   generation, the all-new Avanza gets even better value for money features and as well as striking design upgrades for its 2022 reinvention. The all-new Avanza gets an updated exterior featuring a   “sleek and active” design and split type LED headlamps. It’s bigger, sharper and has a bolder presence. The all-new Avanza is now front wheel drive and equipped with a CVT transmission. It now   has seats that can be converted to easy chairs. So, you can relax in the traffic jam. The 3rd generation Avanza is BDT 35 lac.

An Extra Mile with the New Veloz-  

The last attraction of the day was stolen by the all New Veloz, which is a new 1.5L 7-seater with a CVT transmission. Veloz comes with 3 driving modes- Normal, Sports and Eco Mode. This 7-seater has a high ground clearance of 190mm and Dual A/C comfort. The Veloz will surely give you the adventurous feel to enjoy with your family and friends. The priority here has remained focused to comfort and convenience while allowing the passengers a spacious cabin. Veloz exudes a premium feel taking along the users thrill and excitement. Veloz comes with 16-inch alloy with synthetic leather seating material, push start and wireless charger for your phone. There is soft interior paneling throughout the vehicle. The new Veloz will be available at BDT 41 lac.



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