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Power Run at Mawa Expressway: Super Tuner 5.0 Sehri Night & Mawa Run!

 On 23rd April 2022, Local petrolheads met up to celebrate Super Tuner 5.0 Sehri Night & Mawa Run. 

Organised by Wasi Uddin, the founder of Super Tuner, the meet gathered over 50 of the country’s most exotic Japanese and European cars at Chef’s Table Courtside, 100ft.

“We announced only 24 hours prior to the event taking place” Wasi Uddin mentioned, “However, the turn out was amazing and many people from the car community showed up.”

Several car owners showed up for the late night meet and parked their cars at the main parking lot of Chef’s Table Courtside. A handful of exotic Japanese and European cars including several project cars could be spotted at the event. Some of the most iconic cars present during the meet includes a Honda Civic Type R Ek9, a hawkeye Subaru STI in its iconic blue car gold rim colour combination, a factory ‘bagged’ Crown Majesta and a Porsche Boxster S.

This is the first official meet of the club after the Super Tuner 3.0 which was held in 2019. Hence, several owners, meeting up after a long time, could be spotted having a chat with other car owners. Some tried out the ‘GoKart’ at Chef’s Table Courtside, which became one of the newest attractions ever since it was launched in January of this year. The meet lasted till 4am in the morning as the plan was to have Sehri at the venue and go for a very early morning Mawa Run.

Although most cars left after Sehri, around 20 cars decided to stay for the Mawa Run. This was the third official Mawa Run of Super Tuner ever since the car group became active in 2018.

“The expressway was really empty with limited vehicles. So everyone enjoyed the Mawa run.” Wasi Uddin confirmed, “Moreover, due to clear roads and the lack of vehicles, the car owners got a chance to test the full potential of the cars which made us go for a second run and we ended up doing the Mawa Run twice!”

Super Tuner is one of the largest active car groups in Bangladesh consisting of all types of exotic cars in Bangladesh.



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