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The all new Apple 934

RWB,RWB,RWB. What can I say about RWB? Some say that it’s a brand made by a mad man who has set himself on a mission to remove the purity of Porsches,

while others will say that he is a legend who has created what is referred to as art. Now, I consider RWB to be an identity for a Porsche.

Just like the world is walked upon by humans who look quite different from each unless they are twins

, the RWB fits the same description as it’s a Porsche that is on steroids and looks different than the other Porsches but still at the end of the day is a Porsche. Now,

that’s a whole lot of Porsches in one statement, but that’s not the end as today we will be reviewing the RWB Porsche 934 Apple computer Inc. livery by Tarmac Works in the iconic 43 scale.

The first thing I am going to say about this model is that it’s beautiful. Coated in white paired with the retro Apple Inc. livery, this model wants your wallet to be empty.  Starting from the perfect proportions of the 934 that a lot of well-known manufacturers fail to achieve to the stance of the wheels that fit exactly in line with the brilliantly arched fenders,  this model is what I would call a greek god. Perfectly moulded and designed to near perfection. 

When it comes to talking about the details that are offered in this model, it’s endless. In the front, we see proper mesh design for the front grills, plastic indicators and well-designed canards.
Tarmac works even managed to get the Porsche logo to be designed accurately and not look pixelated like we would normally see in brands like Minichamps and Kyosho. The wheels of the car were also not spared from the detailed treatment as we see the sidewall of the tires having the logo of “TOYOTIRES” and “idlers” with the spray can effect which is true to what we would expect in the real cars as the logos are usually spray-painted onto the wheels by Nakai San.

This as a result adds to the originality of the car. The interior of the car has also been given the same treatment as the exterior but the eyes can only catch the red roll cage, detailed bucket seats and the racing steering wheel. But one of the biggest pros of this model is the livery itself as Tarmac works have managed to replicate the exact livery of the 1:1 Apple Inc. 934 meaning they have every sponsor and have placed all the  omponents of the livery precisely like the actual car making it an exact scaled replica that all collectors want to have. They even got the iconic RWB wing right without comprising any part of it. All of these details are what make this model almost perfect.

But don’t get me wrong because this model has a few cons of its own which prevent it from being perfect. To start with, it’s the rear tail lights. Every angle of the car has been detailed so perfectly, but when we look at the rear tail lights it’s such a disappointment because one can tell that Tarmac gave no effort when it came to detailing the part. It’s a big piece of red plastic with a white strip separating the sidelights from the centre bar. Believe me, when I say it, it’s a very big disappointment. The second flaw is the front headlights. When one looks at it they can see the spot from the glue which makes it seem like the car has eyes. Even though this is a problem with a lot of other brands, there is also a fair share who managed to overcome this issue and I expected Tarmac to do the same. At Least for the price one has to pay now to get this model. This gets me to the last issue which is the very limited number of this model that Tarmac made making it very difficult to find and if one gets lucky and finds one, they have to pay double the original selling price. So this model will make your wallets empty. But in a way, the limited quantity also works as it adds value to the model that a lot of collectors who already own the car would want.

However, at the end of the day, the Pros of the car outweigh the Cons making this car worth the hefty price. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Yes. Is it worth emptying your wallet? Yes. Is it worth killing someone? Yes. So instead of wasting time, it’s time to get on eBay and search for this model before the prices get even higher. You all will thank me later.



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