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Unflavored and yet on the stand

Our countries most emerging and a very popular and an idol to all you car lovers and enthusiast is Avik Anwar. He is well known among the youth of today as a pro car racer, a car fanatic who is making the most impossible thing possible.

Tauhid Anwar better known in the racing world as Avik Anwar, the racer earned a podium spot in the third round of the Volkswagen Polo category.  And after competing here he went to the Dubai to compete in the NGK pro car championship where he had secured 1st and 3rd position back to back races.

On the 4th of February NGK pro car championship held its round 4 race in Dubai Autodrome. He was racing in the GT86 category of the UAE in the NGK pro car championship. Just before the race he was shifted two classes above him to race with the other racers. His car had a HP of 198 and where as his competitor has a HP of 250 and above. He approached the organizers to ask them the reason but they sent him off by telling him that the decided to move him to class 2. Coming so far all the way from home he didn’t back out from the challenge rather took it head on. Having an under point car in the race he still managed to push his car to its limits and at the end he achieved the 3rd position in the race.



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