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Vulcan Lifestyle introduces AXXIS motorcycle helmets in Bangladesh

Asian Motorbikes Limited, the only distributor of Kawasaki motorcycles and the owner of Vulcan Lifestyle motorcycle gear and accessories, formally debuted the AXXIS brand of helmets in Bangladesh.


AXXIS helmets, which were first introduced through an online event, are imported straight from Spain, and Vulcan Lifestyle will launch a range of AXXIS Metro and Raven series, as well as Draken and Eagle SV series, with the introduction of the new line. The helmets are priced between 5,000 to 24,000 Taka and meet DOT (Department of Transportation) and European ECE helmet safety standards.

Aside from AXXIS, Vulcan Lifestyle also sells helmets from HJC, AXOR, and SCOYCO, among other well-known manufacturers.

Mario Martos, General Manager, Axxis Helmets, Spain said in a press release, “We are very excited to launch AXXIS in Bangladesh, one of the fastest growing economy and motorcycle markets, it is a great pleasure!”

Head of Operations Safat Ishtiaq says “Vulcan Lifestyle & Asian Motorbikes Limited’s AXXIS helmet has been launched in Bangladesh and customers must validate the 5 year official guarantee on AXXIs Helmets before purchasing to recognize Vulcan’s legitimate products.”



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