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Level 4 Autonomous Driving – Zeekr

Zeekr, a new premium electric-vehicle brand by Chinese auto giant Geely, recently announced that it will work with self-driving technology company Mobileye to produce the first electric vehicle with Level 4 self-driving technology, set to come out in 2024. Mobileye is owned by Intel and could be made public in the near future with Intel announcing last month that it is considering launching an initial public offering for Mobileye. Founded in 1999, the company has also worked with firms such as Renault, Nissan, Nio and BMW, and previously worked on Tesla’s driver assistance systems.

The SAE scale of self-driving capability ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 being no automation and 5 being a fully capable self-driving car that is capable to emulate the same conditions as expected of a human. With level 4, the driver will be required to take back control outside of pre-determined conditions where the self-driving system can fully function. The difference from a level 3, is that the 4th level will allow the vehicle to come to a safe stop in case the driver fails to take back control.


Zeekrplans to use its own self-driving software in collaboration with Mobileye’s sensing technology and crowdsourced map database which will be developed on the SEA modular platform of parent company Geely. Zeekr will also use Mobileye’s EyeQ computer chip designed to gather and process information taken from various onboard sensors such as cameras, radar and lidar.

The company is yet to announce any further details, and whether the autonomous vehicle will be offered only in China or in other markets as well into which the firm plans to expand, such as Europe.Zeekr announced its first car, the 001, earlier this year and aims to develop a range of EVs that will use Geely platforms



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