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Rolls-Royce breaks 117-year record

The corona virus epidemic has put people under house arrest around the world. This has an impact on the car sales market. But despite the epidemic and the semiconductor crisis, British carmaker Rolls-Royce has set a record for annual car sales. The company said this on Monday.

The German-owned luxury carmaker said it had sold 5,058 cars worldwide last year, according to AFP. Compared to the previous year, about 50 percent more cars were sold last year. Car sales have been recorded in several countries, including North and South America, Asia-Pacific, and Greater China.

“2021 has been a great year for Rolls-Royce,” said Torsten Mueller-Autvos, chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. We’ve delivered more cars than at any time in our 116-year history. Every market in the world has seen an unprecedented demand for all our products.”

Rolls-Royce, a British carmaker founded in the early twentieth century, was acquired in 1997 by BMW, a German luxury car maker.


According to estimates by the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Rolls-Royce, a foreign-owned car manufacturer in Britain, will have built 1.75 million cars in 2021. Which is only one percent more than 2020. However, before the epidemic, about 29 percent less than in 2019.



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