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1:18 Solido BMW E36 M3 Words- Neehan Rashid Pictures-courtesy

Ahhh, I have done it again. Even moving to Armenia couldn’t save me from spending my money on diecasts. But it’s okay because this time the model that I got is a 1:18 and it’s not a Porsche. Yes, you heard that right. I bought a model that is not a Porsche and yes I am alright if you are thinking otherwise. Now, this glorious model that I happened to blow all my snack money on is the Solido 1:18 BMW E36 “Germany Exclusive” that is made in BANGLADESH.



Now, when you look at the model the first thing that we notice is the BBS rims that look absolutely stunning. Pair that with the striking red colour and boom you have this M3 that would make your knees tremble which made me get this model in the first place. Like most solido models this is made of diecast and has opening doors which is a joy. When we talk about details we can say it’s average which is fair for a model that costs less than most of my 1:43 models. The interior has the small M seatbelt designs, the dashboard has some smaller details like the speedometer and the BMW emblem on the steering wheel. However, at the end of the day, all of these details can be considered to be the bare minimum for a 1:18 model.


When we look at the exterior of the model we see small M3 emblems all over the place like the side fenders and the rear trunk lid which is something we see on the actual E36 M3. The lugnuts of the rims also have small BBS emblems which is a detail we can all appreciate. For the front headlights, it is detailed moderately and can be considered to get the job done while the rear taillights are under par and seem to be a bit plasticky. As for the proportions of this model, it’s flawless and doesn’t seem to be squished as we see on a lot of E36 models.


The front fenders and quarter panels have also been flared just like the real car which makes the model more realistic. The stance of the model is also nearly perfect and that is mainly because the rear wheels sit way too inside which seems to be a bit odd. The paint is also good enough but there have been cases where a few models had paint rashes. So if your model happens to suffer from rashes then that would be a bummer.


But in conclusion for 33 dollars, this is one of the best 1:18 models one can get. Is it worth not having snacks for a month? Yes. Is it worth being in your collection? Bigger yes. Everything about this model, in general, is good while the smaller cons are something that is expected to be seen in a model that costs half of most 1:18 models. So, if you are willing to stay hungry for a month I would recommend you to get on eBay right now and search for this model because it is worth every penny. Till then I shall survive in the cold Armenian winter without my hot chocolate but like I said before it’s worth every bit.



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