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2021 Mercedes S Class; the pinnacle of luxury cars

The German automaker’s latest iteration of the prestigious flagship sedan, the 2021 S Class, has now got an even valiant exterior, a new even more breathtaking interior, a new ingenious safety system, more modernised features and obviously…. more screens!

All of these now paired with a standard rear wheel steering for better handling, an active air suspension setup to ensure the maximum comfort and a twin turbo engine powering either the rear wheels or the all four wheels.


At first glance, the new ‘fascia’ of the 2021 S Class might probably not have been the ‘striking’ type that many have wanted it to be, especially after the dauntless look of the 6th generation S Class. Personally, I have been a fan of the valorous aesthetics of the 6th generation S Class and was quite disappointed with the new one. However, that was until I saw one upfront! The new diamond cut wheels,

the slightly larger grill which sits a little lower, the new tamer headlights paired with the new taillights, all weirdly seem to pair perfectly with each other. Despite the milder outlook, it serves the purpose of portraying class and elegance.


The inside of the 2021 Mercedes S Class, just like its exterior, has been completely redesigned and the situation regarding the first impression is quite the same. The retro styling of the Mercedes interiors have been a style statement for the executives. However, for the 2021 S Class, most of it seems to be missing. At first glance, one will definitely notice the humongous center console which stretches all the way down to where the bottle holder is placed. Whether one is a fan of the new trend of ‘all controls from the screen’ or not, everyone will definitely agree that the new infotainment system looks rather stunning.

A second screen sits right behind the leather wrapped heated steering wheel which shows the gauge clusters and other necessary features. There are up to three more additional screens which makes a total of five new screens in the new 2021 Mercedes S Class.  The new squared off A/C vents however, looks rather odd, especially in a modern Mercedes and makes the interior look slightly less premium according to me.

The S Class is a car for the elites and it’s mostly meant to be chauffeur driven, especially in a country like Bangladesh. Hence, what matters the most in this deluxe saloon are the rear seats. When it comes to the previous generations, the S Class has always ensured the best in class comfort and lavishness to its fortunate passengers. For the 2021 S Class, they have taken it a bit further down the same route. With an even more roomier interior that comes with the industry leading leg space and superior headspace. When it comes to features, no other car can come close to the S Class in my opinion (other than the Maybach which are basically even more premium Mercedes).

For example, the modernised S Class gets individual infotainment systems for every passenger in the top tier trims which isn’t some that has been never seen before but now it comes with more controllable functions. There’s also a separate tablet(fun fact, it is a reskinned Samsung Galaxy Tab 8) which pops out from the center armrest. Besides, there are heated cup holders, tables that pop up, ambient lighting everywhere including the seat belt buckle and more opulent features one might even never imagine of having in a car!


A car as palatial as the S Class can be in no way a light car. Perhaps, it is the heaviest Mercedes sedan to be ever produced till date. However, it isn’t slow by any means. Powered by either a 3.0 liter turbocharged straight six engine producing 429 horsepower in the S500 or a twin turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 that produces almost 500 horsepower in the S580, neither of the S Class variants can be considered to be slow. Besides, along with the gasoline powered engine, both variants come paired with a 48 volt hybrid plug in hybrid system called EQ Boost by Mercedes that can ensure upto 96 kilometers or 60 miles of all-electric range.

Both S Class engine variants are paired with nine speed automatic transmission along with Mercedes’s 4Matic all wheel drive system. The S Class isn’t meant to be taken to the track but Mercedes did include a plethora of different steering and suspension modes mainly to improve the maneuverity of the car. What’s new in the 2021 S Class is the new “curve” feature in the E-Active body control which makes the car slightly tilt while cornering. This is further enhanced by the four wheel steering system which makes driving this long and heavy saloon slightly more pleasurous and comfortable.


The S Class has always remained on top as one of the best cars available in the market and the new 2021 S Class is no different. The best luxury limousine in the world, as many calls it, has now gotten even better. A work of magnificence, the S Class is one of the best cars you can get your hands on right now and it’s available at Rancon Motors Ltd, Tejgaon for purchase. You can contact Rancon Motors at 09617 703-704.



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