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A meal on the road to keep a calm mind

As we all know if we want to go outside with our friend and family we always look for places to go to have a meal with them. But in a busy city like Dhaka we are all bound to go to our certain destination by the means of our transport.

So, whenever we decide to it’s a place close to our residence because we don’t want to face the hectic traffic of the road. But even if we do manage to reach to our destination the there is also another problem which is where to park the vehicle safely. Because keeping the car o the road causes a lot of problems for us and also for the others. And for this we look for restaurants and hotels with a parking space. Steakout is really wonderful which is located in Banani 11no Road House no 32 5th floor. This restaurant is specialized in making authentic American style steaks. All the meats here are aged and rubbed with house special seasoning and smoked. They have a very wonderful ambience for a large group of people. At first before cooking the steak they show their special cut steak to the people that have ordered it. Because they believe that the person has the right to choose what they are ordering so they feel that they are being valued here and to ensure that they are being served the best steak. They also have their house made sauces which gives the steak a more delicious taste to it. Their steaks are one of a kind and give a very exquisite taste which makes your mouth full and makes you want to visit there multiple times.  One of the best part about this place is that it has a car parking place so you don’t need to worry about where to keep your car and weather it is safely kept or not. The overall experience after going to this place will make you feel like you are sitting is an American restaurant to have a meal of your own choice.


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