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Bajaj Avenger Street 160: The Sybaritic bike with a touch of ostentation

The Bajaj Avenger is a little bit different from the other motorcycles in the market.  It’s somewhat of an outlier and neoteric compared to other bikes in its segment, and even in the general market. It was originally designed as a Classic bike and was loved by enthusiasts who are into classics and luxury.

Bajaj made sure to cater to this group of enthusiasts, and gave them exactly what they hoped from the Avenger Street.

Following the success of the Avenger Street 150 in Bangladesh after Bajaj brought it in 2017, the automakers have now replaced it with the Avenger Street 160 with ABS. The question is, will it be able to take the bad and damaged road of Bangladesh?

If we compare it with its progenitor, the design of the Avenger Street 160 is much more angular. The round yellowish headlight now has a LED light under it. It looks a lot like the ‘chin’ of the headlight and has been fitted perfectly with a small wind deflector on top.

The fuel tank has been curtailed by 13 liters. Now the logo looks clearer providing the bike an aggressive and more distinct look. The backside of the bike remains mostly unaltered except for the tail light which looks more streamlined and sleeker. Overall the new design set the bike into a next level.

Now talking about the engine, the 160 street is equipped with a new single cylinder. Its engine capacity is 160.37cc and the engine is air-cooled. Max power of the engine is 15Ps and 13.5Nm is the max torque. It has an electric  startand a5 speed constant Mesh transmission. The bike provides 10 percent more torque if we compare it to its progenitor. Besides the engine, this bike features an exorbitant amount of modern safety features.

The front disc brake has been augmented by 280mm and it is fitted with single-channel ABS so that braking becomes easy. Both the front and rear tires are now tubeless. The split is 90\90 at the front and 130/90 at the rear. In the rear the brake type is Drum.

For those of you who like to ride in the nighttime, Bajaj has you covered. The round shaped headlight now has a 55/60 watt bulb which is very helpful for driving at night. As the switchgear is illuminated, it allows users to see them at night properly. All of the upgrades have made the bike much safer on the highway particularly in our poor highway conditions.

This Avenger 160 Street rides like a dream. The acceleration comes up with much more grace and with the engine revving up, it pleased us with the low hum. The designer of the bike really knew how to make the sound look a little attractive. It enhances the cruiser experience with a little bit of fanciness.

You really don’t want to slow down when you’re riding the Avenger, but when the necessity arises the ABS assures the stop is swift and gradual. The suspension is versed at smoothing out all the unexpected bumps on the road and the rider will feel the comfort of sitting on a couch. If the road is a wide road or 4 lane highway one can cruise on this bike for hours and may end up forgetting that they have to get somewhere or some places to be. But in the city they may have to learn a bit of a curve.

If we compare other motorcycles in the market, the Avenger 160 Street has a longer wheelbase. The turning radius is larger and one must always be cautious in the traffic when the person will take a turn. This wheelbase also makes it a challenge when someone is changing lanes, although the stability of the bike is really surprising. It’s kind of hard to stop and go but with a little bit of practice anyone will be able to do that. All of these issues can be solved by simply riding for a few thousand kilometers. Till then we are recommending new users to take the full advantage of the comfy seat even if you are stuck in a traffic jam.

The new Avenger 160 Street is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for something like a coach bus seat. This bike is perfectly made for long drives and tours. It has all the safety equipment features to travel at night also.

If your job entangled you with lots of highway travel then I will say this bike is for you. This Avenger 160 Street is perfectly made to adapt in any situation and can easily be handled as a commuter. It is a decent choice for city folks who are looking for a taste of the cruiser lifestyle.



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