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Lancer GSR: Journey towards becoming an Evolution 3

However, the Evolution, despite having good performance figures for its price tag, wasn’t cheap by any means. This was mainly because of the forged turbocharged engine and other forged internals which weren’t necessarily cheap in the first place(and also because Mitsubishi wanted to make money!). Today, Mitsubishi is known as the car maker which uses sports car nomenclatures on hybrid Crossovers. However, back in the days, Mitsubishi was a completely different carmaker than it is today. In the 90s, with the rising popularity of the Mitsubishi Evolution series, Mitsubishi realised that not everyone will be able to purchase a Lancer Evolution. This is why Mitsubishi used to offer a slightly less power and feature packed car compared to the Evolution called the Lancer GSR.

For this feature, we have a 1993 Lancer GSR owned and driven by Mr. Pavel RKS.

Initially started life with a regular 1.5 liter engine from Japan, this Lancer got its heart as well as other internals transplanted from a completely knocked down unit of a Lancer GSR. Having more or less the same chassis, it was a bolt on conversion.

“I got this car back in 2018,” Pavel said, “everything from the spoiler to the bumper was OEM back then.”

This Lancer is quite different from other Lancers which have been converted to GSRs or Evolutions in Bangladesh. This is because the Lancer we are talking about here actually started life as an all wheel drive Lancer from Japan (pretty uncommon for a regular Lancer).

“Thanks to the base model having a 4WD drivetrain, the chassis is mostly untouched.” Pavel exclaimed, “with no requirement for any additional framework, this converted GSR is much closer to the real deal you can say!”

Real deal or not, this Lancer GSR has gone through a complete makeover ever since Pavel bought the car from its previous owner back in 2018. The stock bumpers it came with were replaced with genuine Lancer Evolution 3 bumpers. Even a front lip was added as you can see which, in my opinion, totally increases the road presence of this car. Besides, the regular tiny spoiler was swapped with a large Ralliart wing along with a fiber ventilated front hood to increase cold air intake. The only things missing are the Evolution 3 side skirts and rear skirts which are on their way getting shipped to Bangladesh as you’re reading this!

It isn’t only the exterior which received all the love and care from Pavel. Even the interior has been reworked. The stock dark interior was replaced with the full spec bright interior which comes with the highest trim Lancers. Side by side, Pavel also installed Works Pro edition gauges and replaced the stock steering wheel with one from MOMO.

Under the hood, Pavel now has a 2.0 liter stroker engine, same displacement as a 4g63T from any Evolution 3, Greddy Profec boost controller, Works fuel line, Greddy oil catch tank, Apexi intercooler, Forced Racing indicator, Works fuel pressure regulator, aftermarket plug wire, HKS blow-off valve, Ultra Racing strut bars, BC Racing coilovers, Hard racing arms, Poly bushes and the list goes on…..

Unlike most project cars, this Lancer isn’t a garage queen. Boosting up to a whooping 25psi, this lancer is actually Pavel’s DAILY DRIVER! “The car is actually very user friendly and comfortable” said Pavel, “this is being said by someone who has actually had first hand experience with several other project cars in the past!”

However, Pavel hasn’t kept his GSR limited to being only his daily driver though. Believe it or not, Pavel also takes the GSR on regular road trips.

“I have recently taken the car on a 1000 kilometer road trip to Sylhet right after our 2000 kilometer road trip to Kushtia,” Pavel confirmed, “To be completely honest, I myself was amazed at how my Lancer performed. The car didn’t even break down for once during our four day long endurance battle during the trip. This is the best time I have ever had with the Lancer and I can’t wait for more trips which I have planned ahead.”



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