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Lifan K19: The Budget friendly cruiser king

The number of choices are gradually expanding and the Lifan K19 is a new addition to the basket. The Lifan K19 is a full-featured cruiser with everything a rider needs to embark on a tour with the bike.

In Bangladesh, Lifan is a well-known Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer brand. They have produced high-quality products on a limited budget, gaining popularity among riders. Lifan’s performance oriented engine is also well-known. Recently a number of motorbike manufacturers are using Lifan’s engine. In Bangladesh, Rasel Industries has taken the responsibility as a sole importer and distributor of Lifan motorcycles.

The Lifan KPR series is one of the most popular sport bikes in Bangladesh, which demonstrates the quality of Lifan. The Lifan K19 is a cruiser bike that was introduced in 2020 and quickly became a fan favorite.

In terms of design and graphics, Lifan did an excellent job. The bike comes with a raised and broad handlebar. The bike’s attractive appeal is enhanced by the sleek water drop fuel tank and curving side panels. In front of the gasoline tank is the instrument panel. The fuel filler cap is situated on the right side of the tank for this purpose. With its appearance, the rear panel and seats are attractively designed. The cast metal rims add to the wheels’ appearance. The headlight unit is the most significant feature of this bike. The three-piece LED lights are divided into two sections: upper and lower. The style of the headlights is also athletic and futuristic. The tail light unit is LED as well, with a Matrix light unit. This bike’s paint scheme is really fantastic and will last a long time.

Lifan is well-known for their product, particularly their engine performance. This cruiser’s powertrain is based on the Lifan patent NBF generation II water-cooled engine with balance shaft, electronic fuel injection, and four stroke, 149cc engine that can produce up to 14BHP. At 8500 rpm, there’s a whopping 13.5 Nm of torque, and at 6500 rpm, there’s a whopping 13.5 Nm of torque. Smooth gear shifting is made possible by the advanced 6-speed dual-shift fork mechanism and wet multi-plate clutch.

The engine’s vibration and noise are reduced thanks to the balance shaft technology. The bike’s top speed is projected to be between 115 and 125 kilometers per hour.

Cruiser motorcycles are designed to be huge and cumbersome in size. This bike has an overall length of 2230 mm, a width of 910 mm, a height of 1090 mm, a seat height of 710 mm, and 145 mm is the ground clearance. During difficult and country road conditions, the ground clearance would be an issue. Lifan employed two-part split seats that are spacious, well-cushioned, and ideal for lengthy tours. Its decision to forego the traditional one-piece variable diameter handlebar gave it a sporty flair and made it easier to handle for a longer urban range. The front wheel is fitted with a 110/90-16 section tubeless tire, while the rear is fitted with a 130/90-15 section tubeless tire.

The brakes on the Lifan K19 are a combination of disc and drum. The front brake is a disc, and the back brake is a drum brake. Because the front brake disc has a broad radius, it should work well. If the rear wheel had a disc brake instead of a drum brake, it would have performed better.

The suspension of the Lifan K19 is made up of telescopic forks in the front and two adjustable spring-loaded suspensions in the back. As with other telescopic suspensions, the front suspension is expected to respond well. Because of the adjustability, the rear suspension will perform better, which is a feature that is all too frequently overlooked. Because this is a cruiser, the bike is not designed to lean excessively during cornering.

This two-wheeler comes in three color options from Lifan. Rasel Industries, on the other hand, is only importing the Camellia Red/Matte Blake edition. The decals are the same for all hues. Except for the logo and a few minor brandings, there are essentially no distinctive decals.

The Lifan K19 is a bike for those who enjoy touring. The bike is ideal for long journeys outside of town and for those who enjoy touring on occasion. This bike is ideal for those who want to ride to Chittagong or Sylhet and maybe give a long ride from Teknaf to Tetulia. Due to its neo-retro style, these motorcycles will appeal to people of all ages.

Overall, the Lifan K19 is a fantastic cruiser that lives up to Lifan’s reputation. Lifan’s efforts to make this bike good and enjoyable to ride are laudable. The Lifan K19 is a fantastic cruiser that everyone will enjoy riding. After all, it is the budget friendly cruiser king. An important fact to note however, is that there isn’t much competition for this bike because of the limited selection of cruisers in Bangladesh.

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