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Suzuki Access 125 FI CBS: The gentle looking ride with the heart of a teenager

Unlike most South Asian countries,  scooters in Bangladesh have always been like the middle child of the two wheeler segment. Everyone knows the basics of a scooter as well as most of its practical advantages, yet, 19/20 would probably not even consider getting a scooter when looking for a two wheeler commuter. However, this dying breed is finally starting to get some attention from two wheeler buyers in Bangladesh especially after the coronavirus pandemic started and going to workplaces while riding crowded buses started to come with health concerns. Suzuki Access 125, ever since the carburetor version got launched a few years ago,  turned out to be one of the top choices among 125cc scooter buyers in Bangladesh. Last year, Suzuki launched the BSVI compliant Suzuki Access FI 125 in Bangladesh and we finally got the opportunity to test one out.


The scooter segment always consisted of bland looking two wheelers which only existed for the sheer convenience of riding one over traditional manual bikes. Hence, design has never been the top priority when designing scooters. Same is true for the Suzuki Access 125. Available only in the disc variant for Bangladeshi market, the Suzuki Access 125 is almost identical to the previous carburetor variant. The scooter still comes equipped with 12 inch rims in the front wrapped around in 90/90/12 tubeless tires while the rear gets smaller 10 inch rims but meatier 90/100/10 tires.


Going with a classic design, Suzuki hasn’t forgotten to add a slight touch of chrome and silver here and there to make the modern scooter look slightly more antiquated. The headlight and exhausts are wrapped around shiny chrome panels while both rims, the lower part of the suspension and the grab rail are painted in silver.

Practicality and Features

The only design change to the new Access 125 probably include the shifting of the fuel cap to the rear right between the grab rail and the rear taillight. Other than that, the front halogen headlight has now been replaced with a LED headlight which definitely modernizes the classic looking scooter for 2021. Although, the tail lamps along with the indicators still come with traditional halogen bulbs.


The partially digital gauge cluster has also been redesigned to incorporate an ‘eco assist’ LED indicator around the central gauge cluster which tells the rider when the scooter is consuming more fuel. Although, it would have been nice to have the option to choose the bluetooth connected variant with the fully digital gauge cluster which is sold in the Indian market.


Something else the Bangladeshi variant of the new Access 125 misses out on is the USB charging socket which is… again only available in the Indian variant. However, what the Access doesn’t lose out on is the integrated glovebox in the front and a couple of hooks, one of which is in the front as well while the other one can be found right under the seat outside the scooter.


The Access comes with a 21.8 liter underseat storage which is on par with other Indian and Japanese scooters available on the market. It’s just the right size to fit a half face helmet perfectly inside. Although, the same couldn’t be said for the proper full face ones.


The Access comes equipped with a 125cc single cylinder, air cooled 2 valve fuel injected engine. Paired to a continuously variable transmission(CVT), it produces a max power of 8.7ps and maximum torque of about 10Nm. Weighing at only 103kg and having a maximum fuel tank capacity of only 5L, the Access is actually a pretty playful scooter despite it’s gentleman like appearance(more on that coming in the driving impressions part).


As for the brakes, the Suzuki Access 125 comes with a single disc brake in the front as well as drums in the rear. Although, the new Access comes with combined braking system(cbs) technology which applies both brakes together when the rider presses either one of the brake levers.


With a ground clearance of 160mm and a seat height of about 773mm, the Access is not only practical but should also be just the right height for anyone 5 feet or above.

Driving Impressions

When coming from a 125cc bike or even any other 125cc scooter, the Access will definitely feel ‘torqy’ at first. The initial pickup is excellent and the mid section is decent too although the torq delivery starts to get flatter as the speed goes up. Weighing at only 103kg and having a 0-60km/h time of under 8 seconds, the Access is surely one of the quickest 125cc scooters available on the market.


The scooter, coming with a Japanese heart underneath, is already very refined but the Fuel Injected (FI) system makes the scooter immensely smooth and dramatically enhances the overall riding experience. Although, the exhaust note which heavily lacks base, will not be the most appealing to the younger generation or the enthusiastic bike riders. Doesn’t matter much given the Access isn’t targeted more towards the older generation of bike riders.


The single disc braking system paired with the CBS technology gives the rider great confidence when slowing the scooter down. The CBS also helps avoids skidding while braking at certain situations, especially when going over uneven surfaces.


What I loved most about the Access 125 are the seating position and the overall ride comfort. The suspension is soft but not too soft to make it a frightening experience when tilting cornering at moderate speeds. The scooter will breeze through most city roads in Bangladesh as long as the large potholes are avoided.

Final Verdict

The Suzuki Access 125 FI CBS is currently priced at Tk 1,65,000 BDT and is available in three colours: Black, Silver and Blue. At this price point, the Access is surely a great value for money. The only major downside to the Access may just be it’s classic outlook which might not be appealing to many, especially the younger generation of riders. However, for anyone who needs a reliable two wheeler as a daily commuter to go from home to work or to roam around in the city carefree, then this gentleman’s ride with the youthful heart will just be the absolute right one to get.


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