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Suzuki Gypsy

What makes it special?

The Gypsy is an agile, fuel-efficient off-roader. It’ll get you wherever you want and while it may not have the luxury like other SUVs on the market, it certainly has the quality of being a capable off-roader. It’s developed quite a cult following too.

Why should you get one?

There’s a lot to have one for. First and most important of all, its value for money,  because there’s nothing on the market that’s as cost-effective as this while being so amply capable. It’s inexpensive and very simple to maintain. If you are looking for a budget friendly, capable off-roader, this is surely the one to pick. It’s tax friendly too

What do you need to know about the car?

There are 3 variants of this car (Gypsy) – 1.0 carb, 1.3carb, 1.3 EFI. Among them 1.3 EFI is the smoothest & most efficient one with adequate power for the weight. In its essence, it’s a pretty basic 4x4c. Everything is done manually. It doesn’t even have a stereo from the factory but you can easily install one if needed.

Must do upgrades:

This is a pretty capable machine from the factory but if you need better, you can upgrade the exhaust, suspension, bushings, shock absorbers, steering damper amongst other mods.

How hard was it to get parts?

Only a certain set of parts are available here in Bangladesh, those that are not, are available in India. So it’s possible to obtain parts with little effort.

What mods have you done?

As it was completely restored, few mods/ upgrades were done to it. It has got all new suspension, shock absorbers & bushings. It also got aftermarket power steering and I installed Air Conditioning. On the removable hardtop, instead of the factory window it has panoramic side windows installed in addition to a sunroof.

All lights have been upgraded to led. It has upgraded slightly wider alloy wheels & a snorkel to go deeper places. Other than that, the front bumper was replaced by an aftermarket one.

What plans do you have for the car in the future?

I’ve planned to upgrade the seats, get a soft top for the winter and a decent sound system is also in the list. Then I wish to go on a cross-country exploration tour with it to enjoy it fully.

Dream 3 car garage-

BMW M5 (F90)

Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4²

Ferrari F40

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