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This year will be a better year

Mohammad Shams Uddin the Head of Marketing of Rancon Motorbikes Ltd., Suzuki Bangladesh, has been here for the last three years. He is with the automobile industry for the last five years and with the lubricant industry for a few years.

The epidemic has had a significant influence on all bike producers worldwide, as well as in the local market. Many manufacturing facilities were closed as a result of the COVID-19 issue. “Unlike the previous year, we are confident enough to declare that this year will be a better year” Shams Uddin said.

Suzuki intends to enter the aftermarket by offering consumers the highest quality service for their motorcycle owners. Unlike other service centers, we place a strong emphasis on this area in order to maintain a worldwide standard. We now operate over 100 service locations around the country, with more on the way. We also intend to host some fun events for our customers in order to increase consumer engagement, which will allow us to receive more input on how we can improve in the future.

Mr. Shams would want to address a few issues with our country’s motorcycle population, including the need to adhere to all traffic rules and regulations as well as wear all types of safety gear when driving. He would also like to place a greater focus on adhering to all traffic laws so that everyone is on the same page and no mishaps occur. They should improve their motorcycles at the appropriate time and maintain them properly.




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