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Lexus RC300h: The head turning daily driver

That was probably the last time Lexus has made any big news in the auto industry after their debut with the LC400. Although that doesn’t mean they have produced boring cars. For example, take a look at the RC300h we are featuring in today’s feature. Owned by Mr. Jamir Hossain, this exotic red Lexus we have featured today is an one of one pre facelift RC300h.

At first glance, one can definitely see the resemblance to it’s big brother LFA. Though it is significantly smaller in length and also rounder  compared to the LFA as well as the LC series and also a tad shorter compared to the IS series when it comes to wheelbase sizes.

The typical Lexus styled sharp headlights, the humongous grille, everything that makes Lexus cars look like Lexus cars are all there in the RC. In fact, many will mistake this car for the four door IS at first sight given the visual similarities. A standard variant of the RC300h comes with 18 inch rims and the F sport package offers an optional 19 inch rims. This particular RC however, came with 20 inch aftermarket BBS rims all the way from Japan which makes this already beautiful Lexus the prettiest Lexus I have ever seen in Bangladesh till date.

However, despite the sporty aggressive styling, a coupe layout and a standard front engined rear wheel drive setup, this car isn’t a proper sports car by any means. Especially the one we are featuring today. Perhaps, the best fit for a car like this is a ‘luxury sports coupe’. This is because it is only powered by a 2.5 liter mild hybrid powertrain which is the smallest engine and the least powerful trim offered for this car by the Japanese automaker.

The statistics of this car might not be the most pleasing from Lexus. It was never meant to be pleasing actually. This trim, the 2.5 liter mild hybrid variant, is offered for the more serious people- the busy business executives who want a car that can turn heads and also be smooth and reliable at the same time. Basically a point A to point B car with a good mileage and comfortable driving for the slightly enthusiastic business executives.

This same ‘small’ engine on the other hand, makes this car the ideal for Bangladesh too. Given the serious shortage of long wide stretches that petrolheads dream of, a V8 RC would probably never even use 60 or 70% of its full potential before reaching the end of the longest stretches available in Bangladesh. Moreover, given the almost absurdly dense population, flooring a relatively powerful car is never the most responsible decision in Bangladesh.

So what is it like inside this luxury sports coupe? The first things one will notice are the dual tone interior. Getting inside, the first thing to notice is the ‘white dial’ analogue clock at the center of the dashboard. The next thing to notice are the leather stitches and the not so sporty but rather tranquil leather seats. These are perfect for casual city drives as well as long drives on highways. All of these define nothing but elegance. That’s what one can expect from a car like this- a sports car for the aristocrats!



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