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Local production is the future

Well is has not been a smooth road. My father was a Justice, and my entire family had a long history working in the service sector. So I was the first to start a business. And since I was always attracted to mobility, I started my business in the auto industries. I noticed that there was a profound lack of commercial vehicles in our country. People would wait for months for Progti to put together a vehicle and more often than not, that said vehicles would be handed over to someone else with more money and influence. I hoped to remedy this. Initially, I started importing re-conditioned vehicles from Japan. While doing this, I realized there is a huge demand for the public bus in Bangladesh. Thus I applied for a dealership of Hindustan Motors and begun importing the HT-120 bus which proved to be widely successful. In 1986, Hindustan motors pulled out of Bangladesh so I applied for a dealership of Eitcher-Mitsubishi. This also proved to be very successful, as we soon became the market leader by selling the highest number of units

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