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Mecedes-AMG E53 Cabriolet: Luxury Unbound

Mercedes has constantly put out cars with astonishing interiors as well as an exterior and they did not fail to live up to their expectation this time.The AMG E53 is a treat to lay eyes on,not only from the outside,but the inside as well.

The new AMGcomes with the redesigned front bumper including the new grille with the vertical slats. The headlights received a redesign as well with a new circular silhouette, and I’ll leave it upto the readers to decide whether you like it or not.

The interior is wrapped with premium Napa leather with stitching. The center console received a matte black trim which really compliments the subtlety of the interior, not to mention the ambient lighting. As you’d expect from an E-Class, cabin room and interior quality leaves no room for complaints in both the front and the rear. Speaking of the rear, the E53 receives the same rear as the coupe variant, which has a less in-your-face, more subtle look which I have to say fits the Cabriolet for what it is.

The bestGerman technology accompanies the E53, augmenting to both its performance and comfort segments. The12.25 inch LED MBUX screen comes standard, with a plethora of options and features.There are three systems for the seats – Seat heating,ventilation and air scarf, which literally blows hot air into the neck.These are provided to ensure the customers get the utmost comfort in any type of weather.The car has a few built in driving modes –Slippery(for rainy weather/slippery roads),Comfort(The generic mode), and the grip-loving Sports mode.

The Sports+ mode comes with the MG Dynamic package, which takes the car to its most aggressive form. The tiny screens on the steering-wheel mounted controls are also a cool touch, allowing you to adjust frequently used items like the transmission’s manual mode or the sport exhaust on/off switch.The convertible rooftop is  amply responsive, and is functional while driving as well.

Let’s look into the performance of the car now. The heart of the E53 is its hand builtAMG-tuned 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 engine with mild-hybrid assist.The AMG enchanced engine produces 435hp and 520Nm of torque.It takes 6.4 seconds to go from 0-60,with a top speed of 278km/h. It’s an AWD platform, but the drift mode allows it to function as a RWD, locking out the front differential.

It also includes the AMG performance steering wheel which is the best steering wheel manufactured by Mercedes at the moment. The E53’s engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. It functions invisibly when left to its own devices and offers crisp upshifts and downshifts when called upon via the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The positives of this car completely outweighs its negative aspects.The AMG E53 Cabriolet starts at $83,845 with lots of additional charges.It does seem a little bit expensive compared to the other models of Mercedes.However,it is also important to know that the E53 is the second-most powerful E-Class convertible you can get from the brand.

Nonetheless,the credibility of this car should not be questioned.The car has everything you could possibly ask for a convertible around that range.The car excels and beats its other rivals when it comes to looks,technology as well as performance. There is no doubt that Mercedes has done a magnificent job in this car’s production.



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