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A sneak peek into the new Lamborghini SCV 12

The SCV 12 is fitted with a V12 naturally aspirated engine producing over 830 horsepower. Lamborghini claims the hypercar’s aggressive design, with its massive rear wings, allows it to have the aerodynamics that produces more downforce than a GT3 race car. A lot of credit for the car’s impressive power specs goes to the company’s Squadra Corse Motorsport team for all its technical support in developing it. The final shape of the car is hidden behind its camouflaged paintwork, making sure no proper photo of the vehicle gets out before it is officially unveiled. Lamborghini said the hood of the car has a double air intake and a central rib directing the airflow to the ram-air intake scoop on the roof of the car.The hypercar sits on a 19- and 20-inch magnesium wheels fitted with Pirelli racing tires as per Lamborghini’s specifics. Further details of the limited-edition race car about its pricing and the number of units to be produced will be revealed later in the summer when the vehicle is scheduled to be revealed.



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