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Mercedes-Benz Service Clinic 2020 Certified service in full scale to keep one’s Mercedes-Benz pristine as always.

The international expert comes to lead the after-sales advisors and technicians in the diagnosis process where every parts of the vehicle are checked and also provides tips & tricks on how to take the best care of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. During the time, the expert gathers information of the vehicles’ running conditions in general and especially on the roads of Bangladesh.The Service Clinic campaign is being hosted by Mercedes-Benz AG at least once a year for each countries all over the world with professional skilled service engineers called the ‘Flying Doctors’. The flying doctors’ prime task is to spend a full week in core countries, working on the vehicles and train technicians with their professional knowledge on advanced models of the dealerships. The campaign includes exclusive check-ups for free and special discounts on spare parts & maintenance.



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