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The brief look at the new Mars Rover

Let us first deal with the elephant in the room. Design wise, they Cybertuck does not even look like a truck. It looks like something out of an 80’s sci-fi movie or a commercial take on NASA’s Mars Rover Concept. But, there is method behind this madness.  The truck is build out of cold rolled stainless steel, the material SpaceX going to use on their Big Falcon Rocket. This steel is extremely durable, but is a pain to form into any shape. Ford learned this the hard way in the late 30’s when they tried to make stainless steel body panels for their 1936 Ford Coupe. They managed to stamp out only six bodies before the molds were ruined by the process. John DeLorean tried to avoid this by making his car’s body panels completely flat, but sadly that car only became famous after his company went under. Tesla take DeLorean’s plans and takes it a step further, by getting rid of body panels entirely and literally turning the car chassis into an exoskeleton. The end result of this technique is a rolling door jam that can stop a 9mm bullet and will probably bulldoze its way through most obstacles.



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