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It all started with my grandfather, who had two Mercedes E Class. My father continued the legacy with his S Class. After my birth, the V8 was my first taste of Mercedes. My love for restorations originated from my uncle and his work. When he came back from the United States, he started to work on his Mercedes. From a young age, I used to observe him work on his car on a daily basis. One night when he started the car the quad lights lit up, consequently lighting up my passion for Mercedes. That was the moment when I thought to myself, “I need to do something similar.” I then found a car to restore and drove it for 10 years. In 2009, I formed the Mercedes Benz Club Bangladesh but it slowly became dormant. In 2013, I formed the Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Bangladesh and did a photo-shoot of the cars from my family and slowly started to revive the Mercedes Benz Club Bangladesh. By 2016 most of my friends had bought their own Mercedes’, which we also did a photo-shoot of. We held the first Heritage meet with 25 cars in 2019 and this year, there were 40 cars. Much to our delight, the German ambassador was present, who said ‘The Heritage meet connects Bangladesh and Germany’’. The club is doing really well now and will be official very soon.

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