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Are Spacers your next best friend?

Wheel spacers are primarily designed to increase the distance between the wheel itself and the interior of a vehicle’s wheel well. However, they are also used as adapters to allow vehicles to take wheels with different lug patterns than the one they were originally equipped with. Therefore allowing Spacers to be the greatest life hack ever created by mankind.Spacers are the cheapest way to get the perfect fitment. Even though this statement has the potential to ignite a war in the community, but hear me out. Most people usually invest on one cast rims, and if you are the one who got yourself stuck in the clutches of rims with 35-40mm offset, then getting the perfect fender fit is tough. Considering all cars to be stubborn like a mule, there is always a lot of poking in and out for the desired look. Even if you get three piece rims, the chances of making a mistake with the measurements still exist. So when you happily come back home with your 2000 dollars rims, don’t be sad if you notice you are a few millimeters off. In this situation most people will tell you to get another set of rims, but that just won’t be viable. Hence getting a good set of spacers would be your best option.



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