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From the American world of cars – SSC Tuatara

Since we addressed the visual factor of the car, let’s not leave it half-done. To be concise, I’d say it looks like it’s supposed to. Why? 1750 American horses and around 1750Nm of torque on E85. Boom! Mind-blowing figures to say the least. It’s said to be capable of breaking the 300mph (483 km/h) barrier, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Considering all that, it looks as grandiose as it’s supposed to, and with only a hundred units to be produced, it establishes and maintains its exclusivity. Co-designed by Jason Castriota, notably responsible for the Ferrari 599, Maserati GranTurismo and the Ferrari P4/5, the Tuatara is just plain sexy from all angles. Not a term one would use to describe the usual bulky American muscle car, but this is far too apart from them to be attributed the same characteristics.



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