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Maserati teases new Trofeo lineup

This news follows Maserati’s announcement of its plans to electrify its range, starting with a 4cyl hybrid Ghibli outputting around 330hp. But it doesn’t seem like Maserati is fleeing from the internal combustion days yet, with the introduction of the Trofeo to the Ghibli meaning a 3.8l twinturbo V8 Ferrari engine that pushes 590hp. Currently, the most powerful Ghibli S model offers 424hp.With the Levante Trofeo’s pricetag coming in at $169,980, an increment of almost $100,000 over the entry level model, you can expect to pay around $160,000 for the Ghibli Trofeo and close to $200,000 for the Quattroporte.



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