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Restoration is my passion and I cater my passion to my customers

Beside restoring cars, I am a huge adventure junkie. Traveling has been a very big part of my life as I build cars to prove my potential and what better way to test them than to take them on a journey with an unknown destination. I visited Sreemangal the most with my defender. Other places where I also travelled are Sylhet, Jaflong, Madhobpur, side of Sunamgonj, Baniachong(biggest village in Asia). One of the highlights of my trip has to be Bandarban with my Defender where I took it to the peak of Thanchi.During November 2015 I was going to Thanchi from Bandarbon, while going downhill it was so steep that my brake faded and something started melting from one of my wheel due to heat. My brake stopped working properly. Unfortunately, I stopped in a place which was a remote area with weak signal. I called my technician and couldn’t even hear him properly. So I just sat there and tried to push



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