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The death of the Mitsubishi Pajero

After years of speculation and several attempts to save the Pajero from extinction, Mitsubishi will stop its production in the first half of 2021. Following Mitsubishi’s rather tough times and the recent report of its largest financial loss in 18 years, the automaker indicated it would make a slow retreat from the European market and focus on Asia, where the brand is more profitable. The carmaker anticipates an operating loss of 140 billion yen ($1.33 billion) for the year ending March 2021, just as it plans to slash its workforce and production, and close unprofitable dealerships to cut 20% of fixed costs in two years. Ironically, the announcement was made in Japan overnight at a board meeting celebrating the Pajero’s rally legacy. But Mitsubishi hasn’t been one to hold onto sentiments lately, as they have long since focused on market demand, killing the Lancer Evolution and reviving other icons as crossovers.



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