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Bike Manufacturing in Bangladesh.

It all began when Walton group decided to make a bike. Now, there is a range of different models marketed internationally to a range of countries in Africa. Walton is the oldest bike manufacturer in Bangladesh and still stands strong with the Fusion series bikes. Following on the line, Runner Automobiles is the second oldest bike manufacturer in the country and the first company to get in collaboration with a foreign company to make bikes. Runner is currently joined with UM (United Motors) which is an American company and mostly distributes cruiser bikes in Bangladesh. There is also Jamuna Group which is a reputed Bangladeshi brand but, it does not exactly manufacture bikes in Bangladesh but it’s a local company that imports bikes from china bearing the Jamuna label. Apart from local brands, Honda Motor Company has a production plant; Hero MotoCorp has a joint venture with Niloy Group producing bikes in Bangladesh, and Road Master has been producing their bikes locally too.



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