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Did you know you could choose from two different wheelbase variants for a Nissan 300ZX?

Usually when a manufacturer wants to make different variants of the same car, they either offer them in  2-door or 4-door variants or maybe in a coupe, hatchback or a station wagon variant but it is quite rare to find a car brand offering the same car, with basically everything else being the same, have two different wheel base sizes. The Nissan 300ZX is one of those. The ‘Z’ with the short wheel base is classified as the 2+0 coupe while the one with the long wheel base is called the 2+2 coupe.As the name suggests the 2+0 variant was a two-seater coupe while the 2+2 variant had 4 seats in total with 2 newly added seats at the back. Although there were 2 different wheelbase sizes Nissan offered the same engine and other performance options for both. You could either get a NA 3.0L VG30DE V6 or a twin turbo 3.0L VG30DETT V6. But in 1998 Nissan unveiled a ‘Version R’- a special edition Nissan 300ZX which was only offered as the long wheelbase 2+2 variant along with the twin turbo engine as the only option. Despite having a fancy name, the Version R was nothing but an opulent variant of a regular 300ZX with Recaro seats from the factory along with a ‘special’ steering wheel.



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