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Ford just released a 1400hp Mustang! But… it’s an Electric SUV

Last month a video of a completely stripped out Mach-E went viral on the internet and everyone was a bit confused. But as of now this turns out to be a vehicle that no one was expecting and surely left everyone flabbergasted. Apparently, Ford collaborated with RTR Racing, a company founded by drift racing driver Vaughn Gittin, Jr, to build a 1400hp Mustang Mach E. It’s one hell of a monster that’s in a completely different league of its own. The Mach E 1400 started its life as a Mach E GT which is the highest trim Ford offers for this model. This unit that used to have ‘only’ 459hp initially was modified to have a total of 7 electric motors instead of the two it initially started with four on the rear axle and three on the front that would give it a power boost of a whooping 1400hp. This is almost three times the horsepower this Mach E GT initially started with! This power could be transferred to both the front wheels or the rear wheels of even both the wheels that too at any proportion needed. After adding so much power Ford wasn’t planning to necessarily make it a sleeper. Rather they also worked on the body of the Mach E. They Installed a huge ‘wing’ (a spoiler) on the rear along with splitters on the front of the car. Even added fender flares to increase the width of the car. But all these aero bits weren’t an attempt to make it look like a real version of a Hotwheels car.

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