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How different brands stake up in a world of Toyotas.

For the sake of relevancy, we are just going to discuss the Japanese market as they are the most common cars on the roads. Nowadays, the market has broadened so is the mindset of people when buying cars. People have been choosing Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi as their secondary choices but when the competition stakes up with what Toyota has to offer, it does make the head scratch. This by no means is hate towards Toyota, the company makes brilliant cars. But there are many vehicles to choose from this saturated space. An exemplar comparison is what competes with the Toyota Allion/Premio these days. There is the Axela from Mazda, the Lancer EX from Mitsubishi, and the Bluebird from Nissan. By no means, any of these cars offer less, and even on the other common segments too, the competition tends to get touch every year.



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